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"street" photography is maybe the hardest of all areas in photography. The photographer stalks his chosen environment where, essentially, nothing is happening - people are quietly going about their business - and yet has to select tiny moments when an image can be snatched which is more than the sum of its parts - fractions of a second often, where some fleeting coincidence of expression, gesture, positioning, and movement come together to create an instant which holds some undefinable meaning.
Subway BeautyAmazon Queen on her way to BrooklynSreet ArtistBlack Shack on Lexington Ave, NYC Friday at 5PA230776-Edit-Editganoe_DSC3398-EditUnion Soldier-220123Girl with the Pearl Laptop-_9200029-Edit_8130060_8130058_8130026-EditJuky4-DC- (123 of 299)-EditReading__0795743-Edit-2July 4th Parade , DCBeauty Queen - HonFest 2014HonFest 2014HonFest 2014Walk Ins Welcome