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Hi dad
Lowelll Schechter(non-registered)
Lew, I got your web site from your son the allergist in Mineola New York . I had gone there to get a second opinion on my allergies and he noticed the B&H photo shirt I was wearing and told me you were a photographer. He gave me your web site info and I have to say your images in the variety of subjects are outstanding. I really enjoyed viewing them . We were down at the Conowingo Dam last winter taking photos of the Eagles . I am sure you have heard of the place being you live in Maryland.
Great work, Lew, i really love art from you!

Lexi K(non-registered)
hi i met you at dicks sporting goods the other day and you gave me your card. I checked out your website and well...your pictures, as well as your writing style on your blog are beautiful. Your pieces capture a story which is a skill that I believe you either have or you don't. You simply are blessed with a gift. I've always made it a point to travel one day and after viewing your work I am feeling particularly inspired. Continue to utilize this gift of yours because I know that I am not the only person that your work has/can touch. Have a safe trip to Laos. I'm sure it will be incredible.
mike thomas(non-registered)
Lew, Thank you for coming to judge the Arundel Camera Club December competitions. Mike
Hey Lew! You work has been really impressive. I have tried to learn a lot from you over the years. I guess you have improved a lot on a lot of aspects. Can you please give your thoughts on photo editing? http://www.windows10pc.com
Don't really know why I haven't posted something here yet...
I honestly enjoy your photography and writing and I'm almost not sure which one of your ways of expression I prefer...
that's great
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