It is inevitable as I prowl around the physical and electronic world that I see lots of really good images but only rarely do I come across people who think and write about photography in a way that is both interesting and enlightening. They aren't necessarily professional photographers and may shoot only to satisfy their own artistic desires. Perhaps they are better for that, without the need to satisfy any external forces they remain true to their own motives and thoughts.

Here, in no specific order and by their screen name as I know them:

John Petro -  John is a quiet, thoughtful guy, hose work reflects his personality. His blog posts are usually either short pointers to his local gallery shows or longer thing pieces about photo 'stuff.' Both his pictures and blog posts are worth putting on your list.  Blog Stuff

Amolitor - Andy writes thoughtful pieces, often about composition, but always about photography at his blog Photos and Stuff 

limr (or Leonore) is a linguist and a photographer who says, with a pun, that hers 'is not specifically a photography blog, but I have been focusing on it a lot' -at    A Modern Day Dinosaur

rexbobcat (or Dave)  has an explanation for his screen name but otherwise does write interestingly about photography at

mmaria (or really maria) lives mysteriously deep in Central Europe and writes mysteriously deeply about photography at Sounds of a Shutter.

dxqcanada (or Dennis) - for those adventurous enough to want to actually try and repair their own vintage camera, read - This Old Camera 


and, of course, there is me, right here I write longer pieces either about photography itself or about how photography integrates into my travels.