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"street" photography is maybe the hardest of all areas in photography. The photographer stalks his chosen environment where, essentially, nothing is happening - people are quietly going about their business - and yet has to select tiny moments when an image can be snatched which is more than the sum of its parts - fractions of a second often, where some fleeting coincidence of expression, gesture, positioning, and movement come together to create an instant which holds some undefinable meaning.
antsy_DC (34 of 65)-EditBreakfast at Red Emmasuntitled_A202035-EditHalls of Power, Washington, DCLaurel_8172000-Editthe dipECJune2016EC_June30_16_DSC5461BaltimoreHampden_5070004The GatekeeperHampden_5070010-EditCustomer at Red Emmauntitled-2270041-EditSmall icebergs calved from glacieruntitled-240001untitled-240011-EditBW_advance_0791892_Subway BeautyAmazon Queen on her way to Brooklyn