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As in everything I shoot, I focus on people in their surroundings, trying to catch that special natural moment when some fleeting coincidence of expression, gesture, positioning, and movement come together to create an instant which holds some undefinable meaning.

This is only a very small sub-set of my street photos; you can see many more at
The GuardMissing the First StepSubway Serenadewatching--_A260009-EditOakland-10Zimmerman and Martin on the Lexington Ave LineMourning Christine on the J TrainFags Can't Repent - Westboro Church in front of Supreme CourtStatues and MenWatching the Future of MandalaySpeaking peace to powerOly-First try-9100111-Edit2011DCPride_-0798782-Edit2lrger2011DCPride_-079847511-01-24life-_0796353Arizona Immigration rally--14teabag700__0795364teabag700__079518810-08-28Beck__079404110-08-28Beck__0794039