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I love to travel more than anything else but photography and merging the two is my one overriding passion. I don't so much care about places as I do people so most of my travel pictures are of the people in the places I see.

This is only a very small sub-set of my travel photos.
Many more photos, arranged into sets by specific countries and times can be seen at

I often write about both people and places and photography in my blog right here on this site.
Our waitress in Kin Punpreparing to sellBuddha from a passageway in BaganThree MonksSchoolchildren in Bangkok, ThailandTwo Girls in MyanmarThai TractorShwedagon Pagoda in the mistGirl with ThanakaYoung monks waitingSilver jewelry factoryMarket dayWriter at the Schwedagon PagodaTrain walkersPariah Dogs near a temple in Hpa An, MyanmarWalking to workMonk on the streetDoorway at the SeminaryAmerican South-westEiffel Tower and statue