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I went to Laos in 2007 and thought that, while it had viewer 'sights' than say Thailand or Myanmar, the experience and the interaction with the people was unsurpassed.
Previously I flew into Vientiane and made a loop, flying out of Luang Prabang, this time I chose a route going north through Chiang Rai, Thailand and then busing over the border and north as far as Muang Sing, close the the Chinese border and formerly the very center of the Golden Triangle drug trade.
Laos is a wonderful experience, interesting but relatively difficult travel on barely paved roads and shallow rivers.
Buy One Get One FreeThe ScholarDetail at Black museumHardware store Chiang RaiGrazing HorseKicking the canMain Street, Luang NamthaLittle Girls 1Little Girls @Little Girls 3Our MascotFrom the HillsDistractedColors of LaosChildren in MarketplacePlaying with babyStupa in Muong KwuahThe KeeperFruit sellerThe Stare