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Photographer waitingRoute 42Lighthouse-GrundvikSheep on Lava FieldsIcelandic PonySouth on Route 1 - IcelandHallgrimskirkjaSmall icebergs calved from glacierFar shoregeothermal vents - IcelandBlack Sand Beach

Guestbook for Iceland - 2015
Jim Surber(non-registered)
Your photographs have succeeded in conveying the untamed spirit of Iceland. Thank you for sharing them.
Paul Biederman(non-registered)
Wow. Clyde Butcher, a former student of Adams, states that photography consists of three distinct phases: capturing the image, post processing and printing. Another of my mentors states that we are "slaves to the print". I totally agree with the above statements. Your images, although not prints, surely demonstrate my belief that the capturing of the image is just the beginning. These are terrific. I hoe that things go better. Paul
Nga Nguyen(non-registered)
This is very nice Lew!I love your photos.
Iceland is on my plan for next year. I hope to be able to make it there.
Love to hear your stories about the trip. Looking forward to read it.
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